Diabetes has for hundreds of years a global issue
A lot of people today are suffering from the global health problem and it was first thought to be a form of health condition that only attacks people who're advanced in age, but recent studies have showed higher discovery of this problem even in younger adults.
some even blame it all on sugar, but it's not totally true that sugar is the main cause or the gear behind the out-break of this health problem in younger adults due to maybe they tend to take more sugary contents than older people, well! That's a topic entirely for another day, we'd look in-dept into why they blame it on sugar, but today lets look at some quick remedies for this health issue threatening many people in the global world today.

Take two teaspoon of aloe-vera  juice & add equal amount of clean table water to it.
Take it on empty stomach in the morning, repeat this everyday for as long as you wish to

DO's "Reduce your salt intake, exercise regularly to reduce weight. Take

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